Renting a pump may be a good option for you if one or more of the circumstances below apply:

  • Low supply
  • Premature baby
  • You are exclusively pumping and need to increase supply

  • Baby won't latch

Purchasing a pump is a great and often more cost effective option if you have a healthy baby and plan on breastfeeding (and pumping) more than 4 months.  Purchasing a pump also means you'll have it for any future children too!


Why not just share or borrow a pump?

Cross contamination in non-hospital grade pumps can jeopardize pumped milk, not to mention many insurance agencies now cover the cost of breast pumps and supplies!

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**Rentals and pumps are available for pick up at Lactation Concierge Services, LLC 

Trying to decide between renting and purchasing a pump?

Rentals and Retail


Symphony Breast Pump

Available for pick up at no cost

Pump instructions included with rental

*One month rental in advance plus $70 deposit required

**Delivery available upon request - $60                    

         Symphony Pump Rental $82/month

         Symphony Pump Initiation Kit $75

Pump In Style - $279

Available for pick up at no cost

**Delivery available upon request (delivery fee applies)                                                           

Baby Weigh Scale Rental - $40/week
**One week in advance plus $50 deposit required

Other breastfeeding aids available to support breastfeeding.

**Rental fee is charged monthly in advance until breast pump is returned. Deposit will be given if breast pump is returned by date due